Live your life like its your last
Let go of everything including the hate, the grudges, the lies, the tears
Your fears are expanding, move away from your past
Your  eyes are shining so brightly
Your touch is so heavy upon my soul
Your present is fulfilling
Fulfills me and motivates me to hold tighter
To live like there's no tomorrow
To forgive and to forget the memories of yesterday
To honor you with love and desire
Impressions last within the gaze of your eyes
You're powerful living just as you are
Mighty and strong, forgetting what hurt you and love who loves you
Mistakes are made to live and learn
Your future guides us from the present
Take this key to the door of success and walk
Walk until you have let go of everything holding you back
Mind & courage, you and I
Holding hands, tightly until life lets us be
Seeking nothing but faith, time, and energy
To build on top of everything from God
Live until you can't anymore
Unlock the key of life with your passion
U and I will be, what we plan to be
Motivated by each other to be
What God intended us to be!


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