Growing up your my main inspiration,

I gave you hardship and lots of frustrations,

But you’ve always been there when I needed some love,

Arms spread open hugging me like a glove,

I always took you for advantage and didn’t think threw

You were like a homie part of the same crew

But you knew, when I got in trouble you’re the one I looked to.

And no one can ever take your place

In my life you’ve always been the main ace, upper case, first base.

And if you don’t understand it let me go back just in case.

Don’t think I forgot anything you said

Folding my clothes making my bed

But I always got stuff on my mind I do instead

In reality many things are left unsaid

And if I ever hurt you it will be my biggest regret


Mom, mother and mommy are some of the names you go by

Teaching me how to dress classy with a vest and a bow tie

You’re the reason why this man is standing here today

I know before you go to sleep you think of me and pray

Hoping that one day I will not be lead astray

Going to clubs and chasing the prey,

That I would control my desires and keep them in check

So I wouldn’t give my family name any disrespect

And don’t think I take this and give nothing back

Cause history repeats itself and were right on track


Have you ever thought what a mom goes threw

Guess not, because at the end of the day we don’t even say thank you

What if one day we wake up and she isn’t there

Would anyone be scared or even care?

She’s the one that buys the clothes we wear, and brushes our hair

And she’s the one that doesn’t leave you when you’re in despair

What I’m trying to say is appreciate what you have

Because some people wish they only had half

Or even a parent when they say a joke they laugh

A man once told me that the heavens are beneath her feet

And she is loyal to every pound of meat

And she won’t leave you when she feels defeat

She’s the kind of person that would tend to you when you are weak

In my eyes mahallah she’s worth more than any golden antique.


I’m sorry for the times I lied

And I’m sorry for the times I made you cry

But the tears on your cheeks have long dried

And I wonder if you forgave me

I know I was young but I was set too freely

And there’s nothing worse than you going to bed grieving

And the next morning you don’t wake up breathing

I know I don’t say it but I love you

Those three words have made it hard to come to

And with all my strength I will protect you

Because you pushed me into this world and you’re still pushing

And when I close my eyes you’re still looking

Putting, your life in front of mine knowing,

That when I grow up I will do the same

Because history repeats itself again and again.


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