Monday Morning Reality

Dear Aunt Cathy, this was my day

It started in an unusual way


My alarm rang, it screamed and it blared

 Nobody else in my family cared


It was my own job to shut off that thing

I couldn’t stand to hear one more loud ring


That’s when I realized that it was Monday

 I wanted to sleep and stay tucked in my hay


Abruptly waking is quite bothersome

Rising from bed is tremendously dumb


Agony comes as I lift my eyelids

I really don’t think this should happen to kids


Misery comes with the morning’s bright light

After the restless non-sleep of the night


Lowering blankets and feeling the chill

Thinking of faking and staying home ill


Sliding one leg at a time off the bed

Barely alive and feeling quite dead


Lifting myself to a sitting position

Is an unfortunate weekday tradition


Sluggishly moving my body so slow

Making my long walk to the toilet bowl


Morning breath blowing right back in my face

A regular gross Monday morning disgrace


Reaching the door knob and then getting shocked

Finding the door to the bathroom is locked


Eventually getting inside the latrine

Grudgingly working to get myself clean


Into the shower and onto a sliver

of slippery soap as I start to shiver


Getting up from the splits on the floor

Thinking that I cannot take anymore


Bitter cold water hits me in the back

Knocking the door right off of the track


Finally feeling warm water on me

Realizing then that I still need to pee


Reaching outside for my towel that’s AWOL

Peaking and seeing it nowhere at all


Soaking the floor as I dash to my hamper

Grabbing an old towel and making it damper


Smelling some smoke as I blow my hair dry

Realizing that it is starting to fry


Grabbing a can of half-empty hair mousse

Making a ponytail, leaving it loose 


Brushing my teeth and then getting dressed

Knowing that I am not looking my best


Grabbing the cereal, starting to pour

Flakes of corn spread over the floor


Dumping the milk that didn’t smell right

Noticing that it expired last night


Quickly grabbing my beat-up textbook

Giving my mother a sarcastic look


Going outside getting hit with a breeze

Blowing my homework up into the trees


Watching the bus pull up to my stop

Leaving my paper upon the tree top


Clumsily running and screaming out, “Wait!”

I didn’t make it, no I was too late.


Back in the house I went to my mother

She said that she would be taking my brother


She told me that she would take me right after

I broke out in a hysterical laughter


How much worse could this Monday get

I would find out in the next little bit.


Arriving at school just five minutes late

Hastily walking right through the front gate


Reaching the office I had my head hung

The gal at the desk said the bell had just rung


Hearing that I had received my fifth tardy

Knowing this meant I would miss my friend’s party


Because I would spend one hour after school

In detention with criminals who think they are cool


Forgetting my personal lock combination

Banging my head quite out of frustration


Walking to class considerably nervous

Expecting a quiz the teacher would serve us


I open the door and hand her the slip

Then sit in my chair and feel my pants rip


Taking the long quiz and doing my best

Laying my head on my arms to rest


A lost & found search for some new pants to wear

So all of the students would not stop and stare


Hurriedly racing to my physics class

Carrying the nurse’s bright pink hall pass


Wearing old pants that are one size too small

Trying not to be seen in the hall


Grabbing a chair then sitting right down

Upon my face I wore a big frown


Giggling girls sitting on my left side

All I wanted to do was to hide


Heading to lunch with no cash to pay

Sitting there eating my PB&J


Volleyball in physical education

Not knowing where to be in the rotation


Getting hit square in the face with the ball

Grabbing my nose and starting to fall


Narrowly making it to my next class

Smelling the stench of repulsive strong gas


Writing down notes and keeping a log

In biology class for my grotesque dead frog


Expecting to vomit I cover my mouth

Fearing that everything was headed south


Formaldehyde smell filled the halls of the school

 I knew in that moment I’d break one more rule


Walking outside during prime school hours

Taking a whiff of the fresh potted flowers


Going back in to complete my hard day

Wishing I somehow would not have to stay


In Engish my teacher started to teach

Adjectives, adverbs and all parts of speech


Thinking of adjectives, words like depressed

Ludicrous, annoyed, distraught, and distressed


Obnoxious, appalling, disgusted, and frumpy

Horrific, defeated, hopeless and grumpy


The school bell rang and then I remembered

Detention was waiting for me so I whimpered


Embarrassed ashamed and dreading my fate

My luck all changed when I got my first date


With Tim from my math class who also was there

Maybe this day wasn’t quite so unfair


His chewed up pencil he let me borrow

I’m so excited, can’t wait for tomorrow!


Love, Your favorite neice 

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