Raindrops on my window

Teardrops on my cheeks.

The pain is so strong that it is sinking in.

I thought about calling you and pouring my emotions out, but there is so much to say I would have to shout.

Im angry and hurt you've burnt me so bad. It kills me to say I picked you before my mom and dad.

Why does love make us blind but our vision is still clear, I mean I saw you being unfaithful my dear.

All the love is gone and the future seems bleak. Can you tell me why I havent slept for weeks. 

My mind still replays the scenes like if this were a movie, but it's more like a nightmare in which your memories haunt me.

Months have gone by, the moon has risen and set. I began to find my strength and learned not to regret.

This is all part of God's plan I just don't know it, all I can do is live my life and grow from it.

Like a bird learning to fly I need to spread my wings and try. try to live my life and love myself, Be strong in my faith and not hurt anyone else.

Breakig the cycle is vital, just think of the past like a bad recital. 

Preparing you for the one to come. He'll steal your heart, ease the pain, and be your charm.

March 2012


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