Black Widow

You see only the honey that drips from my tongue;

I sit in anticipation for the day I bare my fangs and reveal the blood on my teeth.

I'll add your heart to my collection,

Tangle the wires in your brain so my face is on the insides of your eyelids

and I'm all you dream about, think about-

I have you in the palm of my hand but

I'll let you pretend that you're holding the reigns.


Venus flytraps attract their prey by sitting pretty.

I paint my lips and bat my lashes to distract you

from the way my pulse jumps when you bare your throat.

Vulnerability is such a thrill.

I smile like a saint but I'm watching your every move like a panther waiting for the kill.

I'm no princess. I'm a hunter.

My words are arrows and they're all pointed at your chest.

Your days are numbered and I'm the one holding your calendar.

I'll play with your mind like a siren leading a sailor to the waves,

But this spell holds even when I stop singing.


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