The Jerk of the Jerks


San Diego
United States

What am I really to you,

someone to love or just something to do?

I love the days I feel wanted and CLOSE,

But hate the days you ignore me and coast.

I don't get it, what did I ever do?

Than be someone happy to talk to you.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am not good enough

Than to be just someone you leave in the dust.

Well I’m done, I can’t handle no more no more

It happens so often you leave out the door!

I’M ANGRY, I’m angry just go away.

Get out of my head I don’t want to play.

For the playest of players always wins the game,

but a game cannot start if you don’t know my name.

I will not, repeat not, let you do this to me.

Fall into this dream that it is meant to be.

Yet again I am caught, I’m stuck in your mess.

Waiting for a text and if not I’m in stress.

Who am I? BUT real weak, angry, and alone.

I’m ticked off by your Games, don’t you throw one more stone.

For the jerk of the jerks is you and not I

For I know who I am, who I am’s not a lie.

But from the beginning you knew, you knew in your text

I’d be nothing but “for fun”, A TARGET, I was next.

The last girl was crying but I never knew

I’d soon be that girl, crying over you.



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