Food for Thought

And my soul's dirty
Running the vape
And walking the curves
Words in my hand
Pen in my mouth
Deeper than south
Carolina got sadder standards
Standing deeper in sadder sins
Sadder than
The kin
Sleeping in barns and pens
Sadistic chauvinistic men
Send them.
Somebody call the cops again
He's mad again
They're yelling again
Screamed and then
He hit her again
And again and again and again and again...
Blood on my hands
Is this mine or yours?
Close the door
Tell me that I'm insecure
Then tighten the screws
Missing from my dome
Then give me some.
Eyes closed but our mouths open
Sayin nothin but
Our souls are touchin
Then he's touching my soul
And breaking my heart
A friend from the start
An end to the start.
Starting up the stars
Muffled explosions of energy's engine
Synergetic apathy feigning revenge and
Fireworks... Love has no place here.
Here in the land of milk and money
Noses are running
To chase cars
Where nothing's ours
Nothing is ours
In the hour of power
Loose lips screaming
Time stays fleeting.
Don't drop the acid
Throw it on the floor
You're so much more
Than a masochistic whore
In cheap perfume outside the dreams store.
But what are dreams for?
I can trip down memory lane any day
In my own way
Dreams will fade
It stays the same
Same sayings staying still
Still staying
Though time will kill
The will to heal
But don't let thieves steal
The last supper meal
Wise ones sought
And feast on all this
Food for thought.


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