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Talk about cliche
I've got my heart on my sleeve.
Unsure what to do
Don't know where to go.
You reeled me in like a little fish
You've pulled me around like a puppet on a string
You let me go like nothing ever happened.
Well let me tell you one thing
You won't do this to me no more
I bet you'll let me just walk right out that door.
All I want is for you to say
That you want me to stay,
That things will be okay.
Show me that you still care
And stop telling me what I should wear.



You open up this poem with a line about being cliche and general, but you turn this poem into a very personal story, especially with the last line. It's so great when a poem comes from the heart and personal experiences. Nice job! You write about goals for yourself in this poem, and if you want any ideas for writing about similar topics, check out tips for writing a poem about "something you want to accomplish" under the "resources" section!

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