Pain Induced Poetry


I love you so much that I sometimes have to pause and tell myself.. “get a grip.” 
But see the crazy thing about it is that, I don’t mind losing my mind over you….
I’m a huge contradiction that stands between silly metaphors and similes because my love for you… is indescribable.
See, every since I have met you, being without you is nearly unbearable. And the feelings I have for you are immeasurable. And if I could jus.. stretch out my arms and have them expand to the fullest lengths of this earth or even this universe, that still wouldn’t be enough.
See the image of you has been pinned up in the back of my eye lids so that all I see is you. 
And.. with you, the sky isn’t even blue anymore. Coz being with you has made me see more.. “no the sky isn’t blue, dammit it’s periwinkle.” 
And now I find beauty in even the strangest things.
Like the minor wrinkles in the figment of my idea of perfection don’t even matter. 
And once again I find myself questioning the smallest things.. and even the big things like the rings on Saturn.
And I know that seems crazy and probably doesn’t even make sense and can stand to be irrelevant but since I’ve met you, things no longer jus… click.
And frankly, I don’t mind that one bit.
See, I don’t need things to click or make sense because when you are around, you are my clarity.
When my vision becomes blurred and I’m not quite sure, you are the prescription prescribed to me.
And I know these words that I speak root deep but this is what I feel for you.
Like the rose that grew from concrete, you have manifested inside me and scrawled from my mouth and uttered sweetly across my lips.
And I knew.. I knew if I ever encountered love, I’d be able to recognize it with my own eyes and stand to be my own witness so that whenever it was brought up in conversation, I could speak on my own behalf on the subject.
So now whenever I’m asked about my first real encounter, I tell them “I’m currently in it.”
And if you need me to break that down or make it more clear…
I can do that.
Because what I’m saying is that, like an 808 drum, my heart beats loud enough for a deaf man to hear it because I get that rush from the thought of you.
My hands, they tremble because they yearn and long to touch you.
And I st-st-stutter because you simply make me nervous because of all your amazing graces.
And women no longer have faces and songs don’t have endings and words don’t hold proper meaning and this is simply because…. I found you.
So now whenever people bag on love and how stupid the shit is..
I bring up this.
Simply because you’ve given me a new found belief in what it really is.

Thank you.


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