The Abstract Thought of Breathing

The concept of abstract thought

Is so unfathomable, that in our own perspective

We can fathom it


Can picture it in our mind's eye and clutch it like the last life line of a sinking ship

This one line that may very well lead the wooden boat floating in our hearts

To splinter and break even more

Trying to stay afloat on waves of passion and love

Drifting upon something so abstract we should overflow with it


Drown in its waters


Breathing air that can't possibly be there


The abstract thought of my hand meeting your's is like a panic attack

Your laugh like a seizure to my very core

I can feel my teeth rattling

My bones quaking when your eyes meet mine

My lungs exploding


I know... it's abstract to think someone like you could fall for someone like me

Dive into the awaiting blue sea like an angel falling from the stars

I'm not asking for you to loosen your wings

Like a blade of grass tearing from the ground

I'm just asking for you to float over to me

And let me use them as paddles

So I can finally rest in your arms


And breath

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