Nothing More Than a Memory

First came love like a roaring fire,

Burning intensely with flames only getting higher.

The roses were bought out of a love so deep.

I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.

This person becomes your new best friend,

Around him, you don’t even have to pretend.

My heart skips a beat every time I hear his name.

All my senses come undone and he is the one to blame.


Then came the struggle and the sleepless nights,

And the overwhelming want for a horse and a knight.

Love went away in a blink of an eye

Who would have thought he was that kind of guy.

He loved me but liked her more,

Guess I wasn’t who he adored.

Did not think that I would find out,

But enough is enough in his lying route.


Now I’m all alone in this despair.

Darkness and sadness fill the air.

Two months go by, yet still I cry.

I just want to know the reasons why.

They say God does things for a reason,

But for right now it’s just the rainy season.

With my trust in God, I won’t wince,

Because I know he has me a prince.


One day he’ll see what he has done,

When he sees what has become.

I’ll be standing high and proud,

Maybe even giving out my vows.

But he will still be the same,

His head down low in shame.

The boy who I thought would be for me,

Will be nothing more than a memory.

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