Fri, 03/01/2019 - 12:10 -- naraana

She submerged deep into the depth of her kindness,

Her naivety drowned her, strangled her. 

She couldn’t complain, she had done it to herself after all.

Betrayal, disgust, and irritation, 

Her trust was shattered, her freedom restricted, 

The kingdom of Poseidon was so infinitively monotone.

And furious at the incessant campaigns of Poseidon,

She was after all only a war prisoner,

She was beside him in his quest of gold and Sapphire,

She was his accomplice,


Yet she was betrayed.


Their pact broken,

Loneliness overcame her despite his saturated sweet nothings.

Her face red at the attention,

Yet her heart remained unfazed,

She was chained due to her hastiness and inexperience.

Her strategies of war had failed her,

It was him who managed to gain his, presumably, secret second lust.

Her happiness spread proportionally to her skips,

Her hair swung fast and melodically,

and her grin reached previously unknown limits.

She could now swim back up again,

Breath the air of freedom.

She had pried the shackles permanently,

With a newfound wariness.

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