To Each Ex-Boyfriend

1. You got out of jail on Sunday. 

The sudden realization that you weren't just a bad dream

Cracks my eyes open, makes them bleed

I was Alice falling through the rabbit hole

Only to arive to your bleak twisted wonderland

I gave the King of Hearts part of me, and parts of me he stole

I gave you my all, and you stole the rest. 

2. Shit, you were a fucking creep.

3. I don't remember the movie we watched
I remember the rain, the blur of blue and red lights
Your shitty homemade tattoos, your rasta colored tongue ring
Who takes their new girlfriend to a fucking drug deal?

4. First it was Ellie, the dog I sold you
Then it was Hawk, your shit roommate
Then your shit job
Then your shit job
Then us


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