Strange Comparisons


We were holding hands
You were looking at me
The way boys always do
When they want something more
I got up and walked away
I just wanted space
We were on a couch in a clothing store
So I browsed the shorts selection
They had rips and frays
Spots and tears
They were all made on purpose
It made me kind of mad
I wasn’t sure what it was
About you that made me uneasy
I came back to the couch
And laid my head on your shoulder
You complained my hands were cold
You wouldn’t help me warm them
Back into the store I went
To browse the cereal collection
These cereals functioned as board games
All in massive boxes
A father and his daughter
Purchased cinnamon crunch monopoly
What was wrong with this store?
What was wrong with you?
I wondered as I looked at our couch
Why you sat their and waited for me
I told you I wanted to leave
You couldn’t agree more
We walked out of the store together
My mind so deep in thought
That I didn’t realize your hand in mine again 


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