Paper Heart

I have a paper heart,

And I wear it on my sleeve.

It's always getting injured,

And sometimes it even bleeds.


My paper heart is black and blue

It's just barley still beating

It's torn into by two things,

And one of them is you.


I love the way you smile,

When your eyes light up.

I would walk a mile

Just to get a hug.


That look you have is stunning

Your touch is breath-taking

Hold my hand and you will see

You're who makes me-me.


If you felt the way i fell

That crazy butterfly feeling

You might think its a big deal

It's a greater rush than stealing


Lock it up it's time to go

Look up, your time is running low.

Think of what you're seeing

I might be slowly letting go


My paper heart is now of steel

Tucked away inside.

Time for it to slowy heal

No more time to hide...


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