The Skin Upon My Face

I remember when realized,

Our favorite song was the same.

I felt like you had looked at me,

And seen right through my brain.

You hold my face while kissing you,

Your eyes they look so deep.

And I swore that those fond memories,

Were the kind I'd always keep.

But even good songs finish,

And the winteres silence grew.

You weren't a fan of who I was,

You tried to make me new.

So I grabbed the person I'd become,

And fled into the night.

You said that I would come right back,

And you still think that you're right.

But let me tell you something,

That you might not wanna know.

Our song just played the other day,

And I didn't even know.

And I've learned it takes just seven years,

For all your cells to replace.

So one day you will have never touched,

The skin upon my face.


-Nolan Wochna

This poem is about: 
Our world



Its about a girls relationship with a boy that goes bad. It is a pretty clear poem, it just rhymes well and hopefully it can reach someone out there where they can relate and feel inspired to get out of a poisoned relationship.

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