I've got no problem eating alone

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 20:32 -- ccballi

Oh, I've got no problem eating alone.

Make no mistake--

I can eat what I want when I want it.

I can think how I

look like I

go where I want.

I can see whom I please,

Say what I mean,

Then leave when the wind picks up.

I am the very soul of independence.

I could live such lofty dreams no other mind has fathomed

Light-footed free and unfettered, I could


The very soul of independence

I could see the world and hoard it all, never tell another soul


I could,


it's just that I'm better at cooking for two than for one.

I don't ever know what to do with the leftovers,

and I know how much you love Mexican.


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