We Matter.

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 01:41 -- Cira

When he wraps his arms around me,

I am in a sleeping bag on a mountain, 

Peaceful and shielded from the breeze.

When he tells me that he loves me, 

I am listening to soft, beautiful music

In a foreign country, dancing in the street. 

When he softly kisses my lips, 

I am in a blossoming orchard under

A warm sun, inhaling the flowery perfume. 

When he kisses me hard, 

The flames of passion engulf me, 

And I am by a campfire on the beach,

With the powerful ocean's roar proclaiming

It's presence beneath a full moon. 

When he laughs, I can't help but join in,

And it seems that the contentment of a 

Warm summer day falls sweetly upon us. 

I can smell the sweet scent of the ice-plants

Displaying their flowers by the ocean. 

When I look into his bright-blue eyes,

I'm swept up by the ocean tides,

When I feel his warmth so close to me,

I begin to thaw from my eternal freeze.

We lay beneath the stars for hours

Without one spoken word

And the vastness of the universe 

Is as vast as our hearts are content,

It is not frightening or unfathomable,

It is not even as expansive as our minds

It is not as spacious or infinite as my love 

For him.

It is not as endless or colossal as his love

For me.

If this breathtaking adventure is love,

It is like the ocean. 

It is deep and immense, 

Alluring and dangerous, 

Constantly thundering its existence,

And crashing into you with new realizations

Like the waves against the shore

Or the rocky cliffs. 

It is ever-changing,

But always beautiful,

And I wouldn't mind drowning in it, 

Because I would die more contented

Than I'd ever been before. 

If this breathtaking adventure is love,

It is like the universe. 

Expansive and unfathomable,

Mysterious and infinite,

It is the deafening silence

Of the unending reaches of

Things we will never understand. 

It is exquisite, with its sparkling stars,

One of which warms the humbled Earth,

Merely a speck in its grand scheme. 

And I wouldn't mind getting lost in it, 

Because even though I would die 

A speck upon a planetary speck,

We matter.

And I would die having mattered to someone

As deeply as the ocean

And as infinitely as the universe. 

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