Left Standing Alone

How badly I want it.

Maybe it’s this time of year

Maybe it’s my own conjuring,

My own extrapolation

My own imagined solitude.

But it’s eating me from the inside out

Devouring its way through my heart

My head

My soul.


We see it on TV;

We hear it in songs,

Read it in books.

We watch it walk through the park

Hand in hand.

Our world, it revolves around it.

There’s no escaping

Not that anyone would want to, though.


Legend has it

It will make or break you.

It will leave you breathless or

It will leave you broken.

All I know is

In its absence, I feel a little empty.

A little left out

Left behind.

Been feeling like I’m waiting on something

Or maybe someone.

Been feeling like a damp sponge

Left outside on a summer’s day.

And I keep waiting…




They say I should be patient

That my day will come

But why am I the only one

Left standing alone

I’m holding out, unhappily

What else can I do?

Only hang on a hope

That someday I’ll find you. 


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