Say no, say no, say yes, say yes.

No- to abuse. It's not necessary, not right.

Twenty-eight percent are in an intimate relationship!

Ninety-eight percent of offenders- aren't punished!

Seventy-three percent- KNOW THEIR ABUSER!

Say no, say no, SAY NO.

Sixty-eight percent don't aren't reported-nobody knows!

Self-harm, flashbacks, depression, substance-abuse;

Crying, yelling, screaming, cutting- Don't be alone.

Report it, be persistent, don't be afraid!

Say yes, yes to help!

Say yes, say yes, say YES!

Not me, not you. Not you?

It can't happen to a straight-A student?

A star player? A dancer? A reader? It can't!

Yes, say yes. Yes, it can!

One of six American women are rape victims.

Short,tall, small, large. They all know pain.

You don't know that no means no.

You don't know I have a family, a life.

Please, I'm begging! No, no, no!

Girls age sixteen to nineteen are at highest risk.

Learn to say no! Stay on your guard.

No means no, means no, means no!

Don't believe what they say,

it's YOUR life- fight back!

If it feels wrong, leave- fight back.

Does it keep you awake at night?

Are you crying- hurting on the inside?

Just say no, say no, say no.

It's not your fault- NEVER your fault. No matter what they say.

Just. Say. NO.




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