Our Palace of Glass


From the screams and endless taunts from what used to be, is now washed away by a plaster of glass. This was a glass that twined my love and I. For our hearts could never be more stronger, joining together to create a masterpiece, a palace of glass. This glass was only a touch of the softest feather for my love and I, it protected us like a mother would for her child. It held us with the most gentle of hands, assuring us that we’d be free from the monsters that roamed the Earth. All we needed were eachother, no one could come between our strength in affection. Blood thirsty humans would crowd around the glass, panting and pleading for our happiness, but they would simply become painted red from skin to bone.


There’s a string, a string with the strength of more than a thousand suns that tie our lips together, my lover’s and I. We’d share the graceful touch of our lips only to ourselves, selfishly. The string would often tighten once needed, bringing us closer and closer together as our hearts beat rapidly with a roar in each beat, for you might say you could even hear our hearts from a mile away! Nothing could ever separate my lover and I, we became one and we’ll remain one. As long as we’re together, attached as tight as ever, the moon refuses to say goodbye. There would be no need for any sun, our palace of glass would outshine all.


I could never ask for more than to be with him, him who makes my head fill with wonder, my dreams come true, the one who’s saved me from the fearsome villains. This was indeed an eternity, an eternity of passion and romance. We’ve been gifted a gift of imagination, an illusion that has now became a reality, our reality. There would never be a need for fear, i’d have his embrace against me to comfort my very soul. We’ll stay here forever, in this palace of glass, our very heart. I was always more than willing to call him my very own, for it is the simple truth! We’d never breathe a breath once more if it hadn’t been for this great plaster of glass that kept our souls alive and enchanted with the powers of strength.




Wow... Not going to lie, but the entire time I read this, I tried thinking of a palace of glass.  But instead, i thought of the starts, of space, how beautiful it is out there.  Even though I wasn't able to see that glass palace, i was able to feel the words this poem had to offer, and that's what really matters.

Keep doing what you do...

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