Through Smiling Eyes

I’m no good at making choices so I let my hands do the talking,

Blocking my heart from letting out what its been calling.

My back is pinned in so tight I can no longer feel my heart beat,

Its not that I don’t want to feel it but its nice that its keeping quiet for the first time in so long since he broke it.

In fact my whole body has gone numb and I no longer feel any sensation but that which is sharp pains where he left his mark.

As a limb goes limp I reach for comfort only to fall back into the same hole I just ripped myself out of.

My face is starting to turn blue because of the lack of oxygen I’ve allowed my self and instead wasted on tears and hiccups.

Yet, despite all of the sharp pains, limp limbs and blue cheeks, they are but the journey to my freedom and the song that soothes my ears.


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