To My Long Distance Lover

Never have I ever been so happy

Warning: this poem may be really sappy

Goodness, I love you


The way you sometimes look at me

Like I am all you can see

When you smile and your eyes twinkle

And the area around them starts to crinkle

Goodness, I love you


I love hearing you say "bye, baby"

Because it makes my heart go a little crazy

You make me feel so safe and comfotable

Which makes opening up about my mental health more sufferable

Goodness, I love you


I get all giggly when your name pops up on my phone

When I'm talking to you, I never feel alone

I've never felt such a deep emotional connection before

But it is something I have been searching for

Goodness, I love you


I know the distance can be rough

But I know our relationship is strong enough

There is nobody else I would rather be dating

I find talking about our future to be very titilation

Goodness, I love you


I hope to one day get down on one knee,

Hold your hand and ask you to marry me

Goodness, I love you

This poem is about: 
My family


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