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Sister dearest who was swaddled in the same fleshy crib as I, I am your fortified backbone when you cannot carry your brittle burden When you feel the pain of day to day life
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
We're all suicidal telling others that suicide isn't the answers. Telling the confident to set their ego aside. We can all be good but, the good one's tend to hide.
They told me I would never be the man Instead, a role player with a single fan.
To My Fellow Believer, I know I should not be asking this of you, because this is the sort of thing a person has to figure out for themselves...but could you carry something for me?
Lugging around emptiness Whispering sweet nothings from my honeysuckle deceitful lips Obliterated in a basin of self-pity Pathetically gasping for air I am a visage  
Who bothers to risk their eyes to look into the light of the sun? They cover their eyes and turn their backs and take advantage of the warmth and the glow Me I am the sun Everyday I rise and my rays
Yellow Brick Fool I represent the lollipop slang, my language marks class, well spoken, or gang. The wonderful wizard of ostracization prompts concealment of character to defy my creation.  
I am a river Steady and strong In the mornings I wake to the bird’s haunting songs As the sun ascends From its watery grave It shines down on me In my misty haze The morning is innocent
Buy this! Try This! Cut this! Trim here, trim there! All you ever hear
Dancing in private in a secret place. Looking for ways to win this race. Thoughts of the mind, Tick tock with time. Fear of my very own strength. Wondering if I will go the length. Drastic emotions,
Smile. Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, keep them all at arms’ length. Perfect. You Must Be Perfect. We live in a society where hating ourselves
Yes I have the blonde hair Yes I have the soft brown eyes Yes I have the slim figure that doesn’t grow Everything is checked off on the list
One day they decided to seperate I felt so desperate Lost and Confused, Fighting and yelling all the time It felt like I committed a crime. My grades were slipping like slime, I was caring to much
I can paint with all the colors of the wind Even as they turn against and break me from within Nevertheless I pick up the paint brush and make pretty pictures that
Wipe off your makeup
My color for years has been gray, Whenever I showed my true colors poeple would stray away,  They dont realize my enthusiasm was my raw ambition,  Although their opinions sting its their ammunition,
I sit, alone or companioned, staring out to see The faces of those around me: Familiar, yet discordant; seemingly Omnipresent yet never truly there.   I am an artist, I strive to make Dreams
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
Sometimes people tell me that I'm perfect All things considered, I am- On the outside of course; My inside still needs work More work than I'm willing to admit
See my mirror my complexion is clearer
A fake smile she pulls, The weight she bears rips her soul apart, The words, the rejection, the hurt, She sits alone, In the dark, Crying for someone to turn on the light, She tries to please them,
Throughout lifes seasons I have gone from a gangster, loner, drug user, finally to a christian. I have always searched for the meaning of life. Now that I'm in college I naturally want to hang out with
We live in a land of shadow a
I just want to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU for breaking my heart THANK YOU for making my life fall apart THANK YOU for the endless nights THANK YOU for the arguments and fights THANK YOU for making me cry
PHENOTYPE=Me? I'm not satisfied. Not just with me. Or my actions. But unsatisfied with life. Do my feelings even matter if I'm plastered- generic,   A Phenotype?  
Traveling companionless through the dark snow  Lonely as a ghost wondering around A black chasing shadow continues to follow A huge treasure that can never be found Loud laughs can be heard from far away
When you think about yourself, and who you really are, do you picture someone in the shadows, or a blinding bright star? But who you really are is completely up to you, because everybody has
The doors of a shuttered house stand closed You walk up to the desiccated grounds                     No true path No sign of color or vivid life                     No way to get past the hound
Put it onThat mask I wearA smile for my friendsA laugh here and thereDon’t let them seeWhat lies with inTears that threatenTo flow over the brim 
I am more than just my name.
There was a musician who rode with us Anything else he would rarely discuss. His only tool was his guitar Keeping his skills quite above par.
If I didn't change methen I don't know how I'd beI've lived my life through broken memoriesof who I once wasmixed with all the people who have shaped meinto the thing I am today
Driven through darknes she lies, looking up in the skies to fake a smile filled with nothing but lies.
Brown and White walls Confinment everywhere for all eyes to see and stair Thirteen girls five room Quiet and afraid of ourselves We are here for a reason We want to die
inhale and exhale our lungs never seem to fail why is it that breathing comes so naturally   if a speck of dust is in your eye although you’re not sad you’ll start to cry
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain Peeking is not allowed. You want to see her?   Well you can’t.   Direct your attention instead to the façade standing before you
We sore we fly, we fly into the future, present, and past. As a baby is born new, smooth, and warm
This is a dark world we live in,  you can't seem to be weak. That even goes for little waifs of young women like me. So when my sister looks at me scared with her looking glass eyes, 
A mass pool of children are labeled and mixed together All different cognitive thinkers, forced to pay attention To topics that don't matter iPhone. math. advertisement.  distractions.
Taking subtle breaths,  I glance both ways and take two steps ahead. Away from the threads  that bind me, I push on  toward the verge.   Sleeves and wishes
Inexperienced,  low,
Reyna is an undefinable person Every characteristic of hers contradicts the other She's smart, yet so foolish  She's friendly, yet so anti-social She's strong, yet so weak
everybody clap your hands
She is like a thief in the night She is the fear of all ages She is the killer of all races She is no where to be seen She is a toxic waste She is unpredictable She is the one that changes lives
Music is a curse.
She dries her eyes with tears and tissues ruin her mascara. She wears a suit of armor, to mask her weak defenses. This girl hides the so many things that make her human.
This is the me that they know, A smiley, carefree me that they know, The girl who is always happy, The girl that always laughs and is Godly, . That girl that gives the best advice,
Brown eyes, cream skin
B e h i n d    t h e    c u r t a i n are    props.   Scales,     pencils          tie dyed colors   d a n c i n g on objects,               objects     used  on
"Who is this person before me?"
A smile on my face as the sun shines through, Another wonderful day enters the room. The same routine is what is done,
Curtains Everyone has a curtain Because of this curtain no one knows who you are No one knows who you truely are Not even you Curtains hide things They hide the real you They hide the real me
When I was a little girl, I planted a garden, In my heart. I could have grown nasturtiums,
I see the world in words, not pictures like everyone else. I write and jot and scribble to fend off the monsters in my mind.
Don't we all hide behind some curtain? So selfconcious of who we are,we lie for the approval of others. I am guilty of this sin too. I hide behind a facade,to hide my weakness.
A reflecting heart, clear and glassy Churning and enchanting
Today my life starts again. I am done complaining Or asking Why me? The obstacle that I am choosing to overcome, was not the trial itself, but My Refusal to Believe, That I could do something about it
It over casts my shiny day, leaving me rejected and left behind A smile shadows my life, as tears are behind the scenes I see others up ahead of the path, running and cherring in the light
I open my oral entrance to express my thoughts. You criticize harshly. I design a breath taking image.
Standing behind the curtain I look out and see white porcelain staring back at me Now I know for certain There is nothing here  for me except shame and fear No one will want me, someone so broken
“Curtain and the Wind”   A curtain   Flutters and flies through the Dark days and bright nights It hides what is hidden forgiving lies that shouldn’t Be forgiven  
Every morning she stood in front of the mirror and was ashamed of what she saw She hated the kinks in her hair the sea faring bridges of her nose the fullness of her crimson lips So she sought refuge in makeup
I have a voice worth hearing but will it ever be heard? A song worth singing but will it ever be sung? Rejection is a feeling that can cripple the tallest building. I have strong opinons but I keep them to myself.
Mirror mirror on the wall
My mother stumbles and falls As my father grabs he bat. Her head bangs against the walls My mother stumbles and falls My father muffles her calls In her face he spits and spat
No one knows the real me. I am a nobody disguised as a somebody. Filling my life with sports and good grades. I feel lost, insecure, and sometimes depressed. Always trying to impress, full of stress,
count to 10 and go to sleep lay your head gently 
Beneath the lattice Of heavy vines, A garden grows Where no sun shines. No roses bloom In neat, straight lines. Weeds they call them In groups like shrines. A rabbit hole
To all the ears listening in this noisy world, This is me screaming.  And though my head is not in the pillow, Or my mouth yelling, THIS is me screaming.   Just as pencils scream across pages,
Who lies there, unseen, in the darkness of day, While soaking in silence, saying all is "okay?" Who mumbles their words to the worms and the birds Since their own kind just bellows and screeches and brays?
I am not a piece of meat for you to devoure But I may tease you just to satisfy myself I am a woman I am not wearing tight clothing just to here the cat calling But I may smile to myself to now I am wanted
Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
Poem   The vast, vast field A brush of air Wind that pinches my hair back A micro whisper that is the sound of wind against a window The screeching void in my ears as I dare to stare
“Lies are a thief in the night, cradle-snatchers that whimper in their blood-drenched chains, and the truth is but a thrice-broken bone, snapped again. Humility is a coward's cross deserved.
I love the way it wakes me. It helps me rise up and start my day. The way it refreshes my mind helps keep me open-minded. It is my first love.
A mask on a scarecrow An alibi for an ant on a hill A sleep for the slumbered A reality where nothing is real   Can a nobody mascaraed as a no-one? Can a rock mascaraed as a stone?
Did not see him till I looked back he watched with niether intrest or indifference by his left foot he kept  a small sack. I chocked at the sight of it for it was oddly reminiscent
When I was 6 years old, my hand would soar to the clouds, beaconing an answer to every question. My teacher’s praises would help me fly, while others took aim and with a BANG, shot me from the sky.
I wonder if there is anyone out there like me I hear a grou
You see me, do you really? What you see Is not me.   I bottle up what I feel I am like two different people On the inside I am wild, Crazy But on the outside I’m timid.  
Hey what's with the frown I was just crying in the shower Don't worry it's just something I do From time to time   Don't give me that look I'm not one to cower
The world to us is all sublunary. We are all ever changing and imperfect. We hide behind that mask so no one sees us. Because we are all ever changing and imperfect. But I?
Paint my face with make up,  Make sure my hair is perfect, Buy the most in style clothes, Thirsty Thursday, Tailgate Friday, Turn Down for what Saturday, OH SHIT what did I do this weekend sunday,
When we met i didn't know i was gonna fall for you like i did. You weren't my type. You was just a friend ,you was just a date but you ended up becoming more. We were just friends until that one dance.
There is a shadow over me. It keeps me from being myself, scared of judgement. I wear a mask that gives the illusion of normal, everything I am not. This shadow, this curtain hides my wants, hides my needs, hides me.
I dont like you talking to him I dont think thats a good choice for you.  i dont think you should dress like that i dont think you should talk to them What "you dont think" i should do 
Behind this mask i wear, behind my fake face, there lies my true image.  Broken beyond repair, shattered into million peices, a tortured soul
They think they know the real me, If only they could see...
I have a curtain in my life, One I cannot deny. If I pull this curtain back, My life I would defy. Behind this curtain lies a voice That desperately longs to be heard, But if I let this voice cry out,
I will not reach for the curtain.  It is safe behind the curtain. I know what is on the other side and I cannot face it alone.  Some have seen my feet peaking out from underneath the curtain. 
My name is Destiny   I was a believer in great things before you came inside my life
Look at me. See the smile on my face?  You'd never guess the effort it takes To pull my lips back;
In front of the world I’m not myself I’m always smiling but there is something else I walk around with the biggest grin
I hurt you. I bring you down. You cry. I hit myself, I scream, I put my face in my pillow, So I won't breathe. I love you. Why can't I say it anymore? My body shakes,
My days were dark, the hours slow Out of bed I could not roll. This dark, eery feeling crept into my heart, When will my happy days finally start? I pushed and I kicked and I screamed in my sleep,
Fourteen years Bright eyes, skin and bones, beating hearts And all I've got is a handful of broken pieces And there's the emotions Wrecking havoc on this soul of mine Tearing it apart piece by piece
I am a maiden, Tall and strong. I am outgoing, but it all feels wrong.   I wear a mask, and i feel ashamed, to have the whole world try and make me feel tamed.  
My silence kept me alone. I remained invisible to everyone around me. My thoughts stayed closed off to the world. No one understood who I could be.   Slowly but surely I grew.
I've got a 2 A.M date with a pack of smokes in my friends back yard where the grass is over grown and I've got a 9 A.M date with a group of people that always make me late for school or for life.
How am I to know? My life of which is made up of, Scenes just seen by those of whom Who do not know my daydreams   I am not known. By witnesses to every act, Knowing what I do and say
  Today, I savor the absence of fighting.
In my heart you will find, A thorn bush grown with time. Rose buds are here and there, But not one blooms anywhere. In my mind you will see, Scattered thoughts floating endlessly.
One time this classmate told me I had no personality. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't hold a conversation for more than two minutes without feeling jolts of anxiety run through my body.
When we were younger we looked at masks as beautiful ordornments, not realizing as we awed at the creative mind behind the maker that we too would wear a metaphorical mask when we grew up. 
They walk around Without a clue They are bound To remember you You hear the whispers You see the stares They already know you're scared But do they even really care You're tired of fighting
Words -- Looks -- Society -- Fear -- Pain -- Insecurities -- Peers -- Rejections -- There are infinite reasons of why we do not show our true selves.
MOSAIC   Time slows as the vase falls, almost as if floating like a feather. --She works hard, you know.
Pull back the curtain, The elegant curtain, With pattern and pleating and frilled applique; Still the back of the curtain Is tattered, decrepit. Someone could help you if you'd let them in.  
Pill after pill after pill after pill why do i have to take these pills i take them everyday ADHD doesn't seem like a medical problem to i get to be me full of and energy and ready to go and i still have self control
The true me  Shelters in a wall of smoke, mirrors, and smiles
I wear a mask ,which is why no one will ask All you see is my beauty , the dimples behind my smile , But it turns upside down , as I'm working to get around. My mask is all you see ,
Some may call me Ash, and if they do, they know I am after this cash.  To further my education, and eventually improve this nation, in which I live, because my true desire is to give.
I am no poet I am not prepared for life Yet they think I am.   That my head's on straight And that I'm ready to roll Sadly, I am not   I have no plans yet
I felt the
I'm as fake as my eyelashes. The current of cosmetics I hide behind isn't me.    In truth, I've always wanted to be pretty. I've spent money, time, tears, trying
Behind this face reveals another mistake From true beauty hidden by folds of uncertainty The smile once on my face, prevails to be inside in another place
Joy and calm is on the face while a torrent of misery should take its place. Calm to the world and all to see all because I must hid the real me with concerns and worries all in my mind
The girl behind the curtain projects a better face than the one hidden in another place.   The girl behind the curtain wants to be seen, but she doesn't have courage,
My alarm goes off too soon I hit the snooze button to put life on hold for a few more minutes I get out of bed, start the coffee, get dressed I already dread the day ahead
Reclusive, Hiding,  
Her Jupiter eyes, Hold so many wonders, With so many questions What is hidden inside?   She skips through the dark As nobody sees, She giggles with laughter As she burns quite a spark.
Look at me for answers, Thats what they do, And I gladly provide Ask myself for answers, only to met with silence Calm and collected is what they all see,
If you were to meet me, you'd see a shy girl. Someone who sits in the back corner Someone who talks as little as possible Someone who keeps to herself
Emotions backlash into submission Unevenly balanced between reality and illusion Controlled by a nonexistent force Hung by strings puppet! My actions involuntary, bounded by a chain and allot a limit
the curtai
Look in the mirror, and what do you see, but an intelligent young girl with integrity The outside exterior, all dressed in spendor, able to communicate with different worlds, instinctively
I am strongFor others, and not for myselfNot wanting to be a burden I am strongShowing no fearYet inside, I'm curled up underneith my blanketLike a child afraid of monster under her bed 
I'm driven by my ego
I step out of its walls. Familiar faces smile back Others just walk on by. I get lost in the crowd wondering Who am I? I step back into its walls. Laughter bounces off the ceiling,
Locked away, the feelings stay Inside my heart that’s torn Apart, Wishing they Could see the day As I do. Don’t you ever Yearn to sever The counterfeit person Inside you?  
Standing in front of the mirror, Just myself And I. I love the girl staring back at me from behind the glass. Strong thighs, Brown eyes, Every flaw and ounce of fat, Is me.
You want to see a mask?
This is my facade My mask, my security My assuracnce of no judgement I walk around, unhappy Not okay with who I really am I pretend to like guys, and only guys
I look too serious, call me deliriousI am too quiet, but they never seem to defy itI seem too angry, can you really blame me? Because I am in a world Where love and peace no longer exist,
A year; To you, It has been a year. A year ago it happened. When the words were yelled, When the words were hushed. You stood there, Silent as a fearful rabbit. I frantically packed,
U sually my face holds a smile and my smiel tells happy stories. N evertheless, my heart holds a sadder story. V ersions of my thoughts are told to friends and family,
Headphones always covering my ears Blocking out the sound No one can see my feelings I am a stone No one knows what was taken from me No one knows my reactions I do everything calmly
You may think I'm perfect without a scar imperfection or fear.  
Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived as if inside of a snowglobe. She would stand and look out the window at all the children, running and playing and laughing,
Why did I do this;how could I let myself go?I'm not the samegirlthey knew a year ago.I may have cutall of the strings
Behind my curtain there is a show to be made I have yet to write script, and the director is late The future is bright, the sky is clear But my eyes provide both my sight and fear  
Never know the depth inside   How dark She is How well She can hide   To keep Her self up and hold her mask high   To lower these mirrors and reflect a smile  
i bright eyed typhoon of giggle fits over a ridiculous picture where my nose looks too big for the screen
Everyday is her masquerade ball
Everyday is her masquerade ball
I stroll down the streets of my town, through the hallways of my school, through the rooms of my house, And what do people see?
I've stumbled upon unfamiliar territory, a stranger in an unfamiliar land. Foreigner, I guess I am   Who are these people staring into my soul? Reading the secrets I swore would stay untold Exposed
I am the wandering one Walking in crop fields  Listening to the wind  I am the little child Singing along the slough's edge Dancing gaily beside wild daisies  I am the listless mind
I'm sorry mom.You love your son. He's wiseand charming and always does what he is told;he's clean and smooth like the surface of a nice carand he always says swell.Because it is swell, isn't it?
Everyone wears a mask. It's as if we're all at a ball. Who are you really? I may never know.
We open our eyes to a light present to us every day, yet forget why we truly need it. We breathe in puffs of air, yet we are unable to realize it's true essence. Notice the pattern.  
You look in the mirror and tears fall You observe the face yet deny The beauty in your possession outweighs all who attempt to pass your wall You look in the mirror and tears fall 
Just as I have gotten up and my feet have hit the floor I am rattled by the soft knock on my door. It is my mother who comes in with a smile as wide as can be She says a quiet good morning as she approaches me.
Please. Please. Listen to me. I'm sorry, for lying--
When You look into the mirror and see Yourself as a bloated, grotesque, monstrosity of a being, You should remind Yourself that the mirror lies.   When You look into the mirror and think
There sits the girl- Waiting, waiting, waiting, For a simple gesture, if not a grand gesture.   There sits the girl- Waiting, waiting, waiting, To yell, If not scream her lungs out.
Behind my curtain, I am a man In the front of my curtain, you don't see a man. My entire life I have been confused, Most of my life I've been abused. What you see isn't the real me,
Why do I hide who I am? Do I hide out of fear? Do I hide because I’m ashamed?
I am one of color the shade of a box  I am a twin of a brother who is straight, when I am not    I am not confused  This is reality  I do not need time to grow up
My face is buried in a state of confusion.My inner self begging, begging for release.Can’t they see?! It’s all an act.It hurts to be hiding behind a cold hard mask.Every day, every night hiding behind fear.
I am me I am not her I am not him I am not them I am not a stereotype I am not a fad I am me   Do not tell me to keep quiet I will speak up Do not tell me to stand back
Held within is a battle. No one ever see the strenuous batle, for they aren't intended to. For me, the masking of the internal battle is all but usual. Pull back the curtain? Unveil what lies below the mask?
The Devil's on your back And you know You can shake him off   You'll drive in my car The three of us Just tell me We are going somewhere Where the stars meet the sky  
To wake up in the morning to another winded evening of fast learning walkers, I notice that I can view the lies. If one over many can hear my cries for seeing them is unknown.
Hiding Making everyone think you are just fine Is perhaps my greatest talent. It is not my acting Not my ability to learn quickly. No. It is never crying Never telling them about the blackness
My mask has the bright colors and various gems that sparkle in the light. The bright colors and various gems are only just a lie. Hidden underneath the mask is:
Who Am I? The girl with fiery temper and wild hair? The extrovert everywhere? The bookworm? Am I the one who finds the best company only in a book among imaginary friends and surreal scenarios?  
You are more important And you shouldn’t feel my torment   I tried so hard to hide myself Despite signs of declining health   When I descend into the chasm Of my idealized phantasm  
You tell me you love me That I'm your only true love  But how you going to tell me that  When we can't even go out  without you trying to hide  Your always so paranoid 
I got up for myself today. Got dressed for myself today. Put on makeup for myself today. Today I smiled. I drove myself to school today. I walked to class today. Turned in the work, took the test.
My body shrinks at night.With all five feet and ten inches tuckedUnder the blankets.I become just a head, mounted on a pillow-A head trying on dreams behind its eyes,And dreams are one size fits all.
Who am I ?  What does it matter to you ? All you would see is a pretty face and a nice body to boot.
I'm still trapped behind a curtian of sadness and fear I'm scared to let anyone in So i tend to force everyone out
There are few that know the real me,  only few took time to seek, I'm more than just my book cover,  if they'd only take a peek.  Outside I can seem timid,  sometimes quiet, meek, or shy, 
Alright its a celebration clap clap bravo, give it up to the people thats living life like a model, cought up in this life emotionless its just all bottled, nothing was was the same the game changed it brangs pain, so I try to maintain my sanity
All along, throughout my life, I have followed a piece of advice. "Be brave, be smart, and have a kind heart" Something my dad created to make me sophisticated.   It is an inspiration
This is me, But take another glance, What you see is not all there may be I am more, I am a gem in the rough, There are hidden things in store. Still I hide, Afraid to be me,
  You are my 2 a.m thoughts No one can replace you in my mind You were my lover A person so mesmerizing is hard to find  
Click click click As I close my eyes My feet make the movement You can’t hypnotize   My mind is the maker I have players and rules I keep to myself So I can’t make a fool  
This illusion of me does not define or  confine my unconventionally unique design. Quiet, I seem, my passion yet unseen. I rhyme to the beat of the stream.
I don't have super long hair, or pearly white teeth I don't have rich parents and in my room, no, there is not a huge bed where I sleep I don't have a Bentley, or even a license for that matter
Underneath these clothes, I work out ev
They call her adorable, They do not know that she finds it deplorable, Because outside she may be a mouse, But inside she roars like a lion.   In times of desperation she will find release,
Hiding behind curtains seems to never be workin’ Sometimes outsiders try to find you and they manage to burn through However what we see and what they see varies, They may see hard work
You told me, that one day, I would be the Queen of my own kingdom. You said that the bullying would stop, and that I wouldn't remember all the hateful words that had been said to me.
I look at those with simpler minds
Hardworking and Happy; no stress to be seen. Hardworking and Lonely; no time to have fun. Everyone has a mask whether they want one or not.  
Oh Kitty, Oh Kitty My stuffed animal dog How I enjoy your company Even when we don't have long You sit, you stay and wait for me As I swim all day in the education sea
On the outside, I am laughingOn the inside, I am cryingOn the outside, I am smilingOn the inside, I am dying
A plain oak door. A gateway to Heaven or Hell, lest you veil yourself in shroud. The sins are great. Devotees of the Seven, The sinners are better. To the eye they are proud.  
It moves too fast. It moves too slow. It never feels paced. Did I do it right? Did it all go awry? What did I do wrong? The noise keeps distracting me. Tick, tick, tick. Please make it stop. I’m not ready for the end of the act.
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