My World is Words.


I see the world in words, not pictures like everyone else.

I write and jot and scribble to fend off the monsters in my mind.

The monsters that tell me that I'll never be good enough.

The ones that tell me refusing to speak in monosyllables makes me weird and an outcast.

The ones that tell me I'll never fit in because I'd rather write a story than play sports.

No I don't wanna throw your stupid ball around!

No I don't wanna participate in these inane rituals of everyday life in Hicksville USA!

You people got a problem with that?!

Cause I sure as hell don't.

I am me and that is it.

I am not a damsel in distress, I am a damsel to be feared.

This is why.

My words have power.

My words are moving to those who can find the beauty hidden in the ink.

No. My words don't have power... they are power.

You may not understand my words, just like everyone in this stupid town.

But I know the meaning of them.

And I know that one day I'll escape and find more like me.

The ones that have that spark in their eye when they're given a passage or a poem to analyze.

The ones that will read and listen to my work and respond with some of theirs.

The ones who will understand why I can sit for hours at a time, holding a pen or a book.

And the ones who will realize that if they try to talk to me during one of these times, they won't get a response, at most they'll hear a mumbled “go away” before I retreat back into my world.

They'll understand this because they have these times too.

I've told you, they're like me... and it's glorious.





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