Inner fight with myself


If you were to meet me, you'd see a shy girl.

Someone who sits in the back corner

Someone who talks as little as possible

Someone who keeps to herself

I could tell you the discouragement from my family keeps me that way

Or that others scare me into the way I am

But the only person holding me back is me

The fear consumes me

The fear of being rejected by society

The fear of my thoughts being laughed at

The fear of being judged for who I really am

Slowly I try to break out

But suddenly I pull myself back in

Unsure if it's a good idea

I grew up watching kids on tv being bullied

But truth is society around me is not like that

Yet I still feel like they'll start any day

I look at my friends and see how comfortable they are with themselves

And think to myself "One day that'll be me"

I won't be afraid to dance in front of others

I won't be afraid to speak my mind

I won't be afraid

But for today I continue fighting with myself

I fight for a peek at the world I could be a part of

And I won't stop fighting until it's my day

And tomorrow could be my day


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