Too much of a People Pleaser


In front of the world I’m not myself

I’m always smiling but there is something else

I walk around with the biggest grin

But there is more to me from the outside in

I’m too much of a people pleaser

Now I see it’s time to leave her

Leave the girl that cared too much

To put her thoughts in the front

It’s time to learn some people will hate

No matter what you do or say

No more being like the world to fit in

I am now done playing pretend

I’m slamming behind the curtain

It’s prevented me to long

Trying to be like everyone else

Was the wrong choice all along






I honestly can tie myself to this poem I like it alot. I always try to be something im not and it always gets me nowherer so i love the line saying, "Was the wrong choice all along" BECAUSE THAT IS TRUELY THE truth. Great Job!

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