When Dark Seeps Into Light

Sat, 09/20/2014 - 17:31 -- AYA


Why did I do this;

how could I let myself go?

I'm not the same


they knew a year ago.

I may have cut

all of the strings

that tied myself down to the horrible things

and fed me the lies

that decided to

live in my head.


Well now they're gone,

and you're there instead.


What made me do this;

how'm I so addicted to you?

One tiny taste of your


runs down my throat so smooth.

Then my fingers go numb as the room starts spinning and

before the war's over you're already winning.

I can't help myself.

I'm a fool

for you everytime.


I've lost all control to you

but I suppose that it's fine.


When was the start of this beautiful ordeal?

Because I feel I could fly if I

jump off of things that aren't


People's faces have turned into

shapes and

their voices

aren't very clear.

It's like time is an essence that

decided to



Am I still here?


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