My Paradigm

A mass pool of children are labeled and mixed together
All different cognitive thinkers, forced to pay attention
To topics that don't matter
iPhone. math. advertisement.  distractions.
Back and forth, here we go again
Another year in this dead pool of repetition that
We forget years later
As children, our creative ways rose to 
A genius level, but are soon replaced 
And forced with logic
One answer above all...
Don't you dare question the authority!
Why question what was handed to you?
Sleep. wake. school. study.
For twelve years, this repeats
Our bloodshot eyes and stripped minds 
Are lead blindly into the workforce
Put your blue or white collar on darling
Energy drinks are an essential 
Nutrient for our bodies, as we are factory made
Our minds and bodies filled with 
Fattening masses of salt and pointless lessons
That do not introduce the real world
How do we save the children?
Is this life we prepare for them the right one?
I would rather spend my time breathing
The cold and deliciously topped wind
Close to the mountains where it looks surreal
White peaked, peppered tops greeting 
My eyes, they are shining and expanding
As I am a visual leaner but was conformed 
To paper and pencil for many years
"Freedom" the birds chirp for me but
I end up choosing logic because I was 
promised a solid future
A Career. Husband. Family.
That's all you need to be happy right?


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