Mask Undiscovered

My face is buried in a state of confusion.
My inner self begging, begging for release.
Can’t they see?! It’s all an act.
It hurts to be hiding behind a cold hard mask.
Every day, every night hiding behind fear.
Fear of what? Fear of change.
Fear of leaving myself from 5 years ago behind and forgotten.
Fear of moving on, fear of accepting that time does change.

It’s hard pretending to be my old self.
People see me and my shadow from long ago is all they see.

My future self-my present self is escaping-but wait!
What’s that knock? Is it my heart beating? Or is it opportunity approaching?
Could this be it? The chance that I’ve been expecting?
Could this be my moment? Yes, yes, it is!

My inner self has found an escape.
Too bad it’s all an illusion.


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