I Am


I wonder if there is anyone out there like me 
I hear a group of people behind me, laughing amongst each other 
I see the popular kids in front of me, putting down the outcasts
I want to actually belong to a group 
I am lost and alone

I pretend to be someone I'm not 
I feel like I'm lying to myself 
I touch my heart and wonder if I'm making the right choices 
I worry that I've gone too far 
I cry about the fact that I am no longer who I once was 
I am different and fake

I understand now that you can't fit in everywhere 
I say "Who needs to be like everyone else when your true self is beautiful." 
I dream of empowering other kids to stand up and love themselves for who they are! 
I try to talk to everyone and make them feel agape love and self worth 
I hope that one day I will truly make a difference 
I am strong and independent


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