What I Want You To See


What I Want You To See

The masks we wear are carefully crafted
by those around us and the ways they've acted. 
The color depicts a story untold 
my thoughts and memories both warm and cold.
The expression is the face I wish them to see
an illusion, a distraction to hide what's beneath.
If my true self is bold, confident, and brave
I'm arrogant and selfish and far too vain. 
If my true self is sad, a lonely affliction
then all I am is a girl seeking attention. 
My mask is me: adaptive and shifting,
to show a person, far more befitting.
Underneath is someone confusing, too self aware
a burden others should not have to bare.
My colors would be too many and always changing,
My expression inconsistent, the previous erasing.
You see me but only what I allow you to see
all in order to live in this biased society.  


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