I got up for myself today.

Got dressed for myself today.

Put on makeup for myself today.

Today I smiled.

I drove myself to school today.

I walked to class today.

Turned in the work, took the test.

Today I laughed.

I went to work for myself today.

I talked to people for myself today.


I tried today.


Today was a good day, but sometimes the walls I put up don't keep out the dark.

Sometimes the makeup doesn't cover up my flaws.

Sometimes the smiles don't hide my pain.


Its like trying to hide behind a curtain, showing friends and enemies my illusion of power and might.

But the curtain has to come down sometimes,

When school is over, when the people are gone.

When my illusion washes away, and only I can see the broken person I really am.

I woke up for myself today, but I don't know who 'myself' is.


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