Mirror Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall

Who's the fairest of them all

Tell me what you see

Because imperfection is all I can be 


Mirror mirror can you see 

The pain and loneliness in me

There is nothing in my heart

For hatred has filled love's part 


Mirror mirror tell me fast

How do I forget the past

All the pain becomes rage

And all is left is the empty page


Mirror mirror save me now

Never break our vow

Never lie and never pry

Just listen as I cry




Life is always filled with disappointments that we cannot control. We have unexplained rage and hatred that we cannot get rid of. This poem had started out as a "let's do this for the schlarship" but as I began writing I centered the source of my frustration and put my feelings into words. As I wrote this, it was as if the rage and pain from my heart had left me and poured onto the page. 

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