My Goal is to GIVE


11760 Rosemary
United States
38° 28' 21.486" N, 86° 0' 20.988" W

Some may call me Ash,

and if they do, they know I am after this cash. 

To further my education,

and eventually improve this nation,

in which I live,

because my true desire is to give.

Some days I may be taciturn and just observe

but that's because I am thinking of a plan to conserve

my future financial success

and become my best.

Then give back to those girls and boys,

probably still young and playing with toys. 

Giving them the many chances,  

that will outlast any of these temporary but popular dances, 

and allow them to further their success,

and someday be told they are the best

at what they choose to do, 

and know within their self, that it is true,

because my desire to give,

will inspire them to live.





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