the involuntary curtain

Sun, 11/16/2014 - 21:24 -- Cece B

inhale and exhale

our lungs never seem to fail

why is it that breathing comes so naturally


if a speck of dust is in your eye

although you’re not sad you’ll start to cry

our bodies are funny things you know


a little girl fell and on the ground she lay

her mother said softly you will be okay

instinct by definition does not need to be taught


oh hello are you doing alright

yes thank you and have a great night

I wonder if she saw my tear streaks


that girl over there is the most happy I know

well he doesn’t realize I put on a great show

how would I explain that inside I’ve disintegrated


if others don’t ask then how does one tell

my thoughts come as nothing short of a yell

I bide my time in somewhat patient silence


it’s an involuntary curtain

I don’t try to shut out the world

but for now I am still the ever-smiling girl

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