In style

Buy this!

Try This!

Cut this!

Trim here, trim there!

All you ever hear

It's a constant bombardment of ads 

clad with skinny minnie girls 

selling and telling about a cream, or a spray, or a powder, or a pill


Magazines telling us what's hot and what's not

what's in and what's out 

and what we need to buy to fit in with the crowd

Boys always say "I like a natural girl" 

what they don't realize is natural still mascara, foundation, and curls


Tuck that!

Suck it in!

Spray it on or smooth it in!

Your skins not attractive, you have to be tan

and hairless of course, from your upper lips to your calves


Commercials fill our electronics screens

reminding us of what beauty has come to mean

Oh your hair's frizzy?

There's a cream for that

Born with curls?

Straighten it till its flat

Dull and damaged from the straightener we told you to use?

Not to worry we have a conditioner and a shampoo

and a spray and a serum

and a cream and a lotion

anything we can sell you, you'll find a promotion


Don't forget to diet this month

ten steps to be thin

all in this months issue of shape and slim

Do you run every day? How many miles did you hit?

Your stomach's not flat

Do you see the size of your hips?

You don't have a thigh gap?

Then why are you still eating?

You know guys like girls without that filling


How about we all stop for a minute

Breathe in and out before we forget

there's no such thing as perfect so stop trying to attain it


Forget about the hair and the make up and your weight

realize that beauty in our culture portrays

unrealistic images of girls who've been changed

Photoshoped till the stretch marks and freckles are gone

morphed into something that looks more like a doll


What happened to brains and strength and creativity

what happened to that natural light that was shining in me

and you, and her, and every girl out there

the light in our eyes that says "I don't care!"

I don't care about the model plastered on the billboard

or the advertisements telling me I need to buy more

more products, lotions, creams, and treatments

more of everything that's "so hot" this season


They say they are for my flaws, but I am starting to see

that these so called flaws are what make me, me

there's beauty behind them that can't be bought

and that's more important than I originally thought


So stop trying to impress people who won't matter five years from now

It's about time that natural beauty was in style


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