Behind My Curtain

Behind my curtain there is a show to be made

I have yet to write script, and the director is late

The future is bright, the sky is clear

But my eyes provide both my sight and fear


There is so much pressure in the air that we breathe,

The ads that we see

To be the best at what you do, 

To be smart or to be wealthy

And secure..


Security has only brought me fear

I think the best of us should remain blissfully unaware

And the worst, they were never bred to care


Asking how or why digs the hole deep in no time

But living a homemade lie has been keeping me up at night

So I'll say goodbye to appetite,

Say goodbye to sleeping right


This new generation is so fixed on the old,

And our sun started burning so hot that it's turning us cold

The teachers have stopped looking for new minds to mold,

Curriculum is changing, no longer bought just sold


So many problems, so many people

This play is in need of actors

And it hasn't begun yet,

But I need a redo


Creating milestones, cremating memories

The love in my heart has been slit and is bleeding

The pressure starts and it's sick yet appealing

The hole is cut deep but it will pump more with healing


I'm losing myself again

Grip slipping quickly

I need a mind that I can mend

A mold that doesn't break, just bends

But that doesn't seem very likely, with how this world's time is spent


I'm some kind of animal, human, machine

But, right now I'm what student loans tell me to be...


Still I want to open up the curtain that been bandaging my mind

Take a little peek inside and see what I find

The script, actors and director may be hiding in there

This wasted pinkish goup living underneath my hair


But the show must go on,

Keep trudging through the motions

The curtains that are shut one day are sure to be opened

So I'll stay around in hopes that the script will soon show

The direction that this production is supposed to go


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