No Curtains Necessary

I am me,

Theres no other me that I need to be.

Behind a curtain I feel empty.

Empty because without the curtain I leave an imprint,

With the curtain I leave nothing.

Curtains conceal my unique being,

They conceal the opportunity for others to take down their curtain.

A world filled with curtains is a world filled with dullness and regrets.

So no curtains for me, no curtains for the rest.

if this was the case, we would all be at our best.




I feel like my poem is extremely personal to the fact that curtains, to me, are not a necessity. I can understand why some may not think this way but if we want origional people who love to embrace themselves, maybe they should try. This is another outlook on curtains. Who needs them? We need more light in this world and curtains make everything darker anyway.

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