Have You Ever Looked Inside A Barbie


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Yes I have the blonde hair
Yes I have the soft brown eyes
Yes I have the slim figure that doesn’t grow
Everything is checked off on the list

Being the Barbie has its perks
The looks are very flattering
The compliments are always welcomed
Having the life is a dream

I am one of plenty where I live
I do not have that difference maker
I look like what you would expect
Everything cloned, copied

But does anyone think to look past the porcelain face
Look deeper than just my size zero physique
Take a peek into my sweet eyes to find what`s locked inside
Locked inside scared, and frightened to come out to the unknowing

Inside they would find plenty
The sweet, kind, innocence shown to anyone
The stupid funny moments that make your stomach hurt
The love for what I am passionate about and those I adore

All of it a part of my makeup
It`s what makes me
Would anyone care for it to be displayed on the fore front
Put on display for all to see

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