Wed, 10/29/2014 - 11:46 -- mes2589

I will not reach for the curtain. 

It is safe behind the curtain.

I know what is on the other side and I cannot face it alone. 

Some have seen my feet peaking out from underneath the curtain. 

These people will judge when they see my true form that stays hidden behind the curtain.

I have almost opened the curtain, but I have stopped myself every time.

I am scared. 

I am scared, but I will now open the curtain.

I reach for the curtain while I shake with fear.

I know these people will judge when they see the me behind the curtain. 

I try to open it anyway, but my hand just goes through it. 

Again, I try. 

And again.

And again. 

Finally, I give up.

I am glad I could not open the curtains, it saves me from the judging people behind it.

As I breathe out in relief, the curtain suddenly falls. 

I did not want it to fall, it protected me. 

But now it is gone. 

I was right, these people judge me, they are so cruel.

I stare at the hurtful audience, the audience full of me.


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