Inexperienced,  low, undefined,

In the ground where shadows lie,

Crawling for air, gasping for breath,

Will that something have success?


Eyes all peering, disbelieving,

What has happened here?

Dirt has disappeared,

Gold now standing there,


Hero's birth,

But after hurt,

What has happened here?

An onion now unpeeled

Is it still there?


For the core it lives,

Still stirs, still rumbles,

It slowly heals the rest,

But as it grows,

The pains come back,

That hero may still stumble.


Being on the verge of death,

Mocked for having extra needs,

To struggle with beauty,

The judgement never ends.


That is to never be good enough,

To know personally that bullying is real,


To defeat remorse, You must defeat yourself,

I have fought the ocean waves far too long,

I must follow the tide.



I can show all that I have a voice,

That I have strength, That I can be.


I am the star that I was made to be,

I will shine despite my hurt,

I am learning to open the hinges of my darkened cage,

That which stifles my light.


The pain still bores deep into my soul,

but like the onion I am,

To peel my layers,

I will become enlightened.


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