My Father's Victim

Just as I have gotten up and my feet have hit the floor

I am rattled by the soft knock on my door.

It is my mother who comes in with a smile as wide as can be

She says a quiet good morning as she approaches me.

Once I have finished getting ready with my mother's helping hand

I off to school and she to work riding in her blue minivan.

I enter the room and sit in the back of my class

When it is over I see people point and hear them laugh as I pass.

When I exit the school, Who do I see?

No one but my father in front of the school waiting for me.

I put on a fake smile as I know I should

He nods in satisfaction when I tell him my day was good.

After dinner is the part of the day that I truely dread

I quickly shower and brush my teeth as I get ready for bed.

I pray that for some reason he doesn' t come in my room tonight

That prayer is short lived as I beg once more with all my might.

He walks out of my room when his dirty work is done

After church service the next day everyone tells us how my father is so kind and fun.

No one knows about how evil my father really is inside

No on knows about the deep secret that I hide.




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