I'm a Man Behind My Curtain


Behind my curtain, I am a man

In the front of my curtain, you don't see a man.

My entire life I have been confused,

Most of my life I've been abused.

What you see isn't the real me,

Nobody can see my reality.

I have lived my life an entire lie,

Just to please the passerby.

I wore my hair long, 

When I wanted it short.

I pretended to be happy,

I wanted to be a good sport.

My entire life I've played the part,

My life has been a play, right from the start.

Pink bows and ribbons, 

Dresses and curls,

Everybody thought I was a pretty little girl.

On the inside I was a boy,

On the inside I am a man,

What others don't see,

I'm in fact a man behind my curtain.



I am transgender.

I am recently coming to terms with being transgender and I am in the beginning processes of transitioning into the gender I have always been on the inside.

Being referred to by my birth name, Megan, makes me cringe to be honest.

I hate being referred to as a female. Female pronouns make me cringe.

I feel socially awkward. 

Being transgender has limited me. I am too shy to speak up and meet new people because I don't want to introduce myself as female. I am biologically female, I have a female body figure and a girly voice, and I am 100% ashamed of that fact.


I can't wait for the day that I physically become the man that I have always mentally and emotionally been.

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