Walk On Through

I don't have super long hair, or pearly white teeth

I don't have rich parents and in my room, no, there is not a huge bed where I sleep

I don't have a Bentley, or even a license for that matter

I don't have skater swag, and I can't rock head gear like the Mad Hatter

I'm not a great poet, but I can very easily speak my mind

Even when flustered, I manage to get my point across everytime

I'm witty and pretty and even a bit sweet

If I wanted, I could make you laugh until you were weak

I'm 5 feet even with just a touch of tude

Sometimes the things I say are perceived to be rude

I always look happy, at least I think, but sometimes I hurt

Cry myself to sleep and feel stepped on just like dirt

I don't show many emotions because momma said never let em' see you sweat

And what she meant by that is never let them see your eyes get wet

But you don't have to be crying for people to know what's up

They can tell by the way you sound when they say hey and you say "wassup"

Sometimes its not even in the sound of your voice, but how you carry yourself

If you normally look flawless and all of a sudden start looking like the help

You could try to conceal your feelings but people always know

Even when you think they don't, true feelings always show

Its best to be real, tell how you feel

Waiting for someone to ask whats wrong is crazy cause there is no guarantee that they will

We all have problems but its okay

As long as we are content and confident in ourselves at the end of the day

You should never hide from the things that are most true

Remember no matter how hard they try no one can be you like YOU

I struggled with this, as a early teen

Wishing I was another girl, some people call that an issue with self esteem

I have a mole right up under my nose

Boy, I hated it until I saw in it the uniqueness that it shows

Under my nose, above my lip is the spot

Now I think its kinda hot

Thats one issue I had but I HAVE so many more

Another is my anger and how I can be a bad sport

I get so mad sometimes I completely black out

Often times it freaks people all the way out

Also I sweat alot I know its gross P.U.

Dark colored shirts are the way to go sometimes so people won't say eww

I have bad acne scars, so foundation is the remedy

If some people saw me without makeup they'd make probably fun of me

The biggest issue is school, I could so much better

I lost my motivation at one point and I got it back so now I'm A Go-Getter

I have a 3.0, but it should be a 4.0

Thats my potential and thats something I know

Sometimes it hinders me, but I do the best that I can

Sometimes its not enough and I get tired of trying to be Wonderwoman

I know I said you should always be true

I know I said thats something I used to struggle with but I just realized I still do

I'm pretty sure someone else thought they were over something but they still struggle too

I guess the curtain people hide behind takes a while to pull back

It takes baby steps and we have to all understand that

It doesn't always happen in a day, a month, or a year

We hide behind our curtains out of fear

Fear of what people will think or say

But like I said, even if they tried those people could never be us at the end of the day

So yes, we have issues we face on the regular

Hiding from our problems, though, will never make us better

If we work on our weaknesses until they are strengths

We will accomplish goals that can help us stretch to any length

I have to work on my weaknesses and so should you

But by working and working, we'll be able to pull that curtain aside and walk on through.



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