Girlfriend Number Two

You tell me you love me

That I'm your only true love 

But how you going to tell me that 

When we can't even go out 

without you trying to hide 

Your always so paranoid 

Your girlfriend catching us, is always on your mind 

This is the last time 

because I'm tired of being your girlfriend number two

Always seeing you on the low 

Always there when your feeling alone

Have you ever taken my feeling under consideration

I want to be able to hug and kiss you in public 

I want to be able to hold your hand and meet your parents 

But I need to come to my senses 

This is never going to happen

Should I blame you or myself 

You for taking advantage of my love 

Or myself for being foolish and going along 

This is it, I'm taking a stand 

No more lies 

No more using me for satisfaction 

No more girlfriend number two 

It's time for me to do me


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