Black Mascara

I've got a 2 A.M date with a pack of smokes

in my friends back yard where the grass is over grown

and I've got a 9 A.M date with a group of people that always make me late

for school or for life.

whats the difference anymore?

other than the fact that now I'm just called Whore.

Get fucked once, ruins your life.

it's all I can do not to take a knife 

and remember down the street not across the road

why'd i have to be kissing toads.

I already had my prince, he made me all I needed to be

was the joy in my life and I took him forgranted because all I am is a bitter fool.

They said it'd be cool.

Smoke dope before knotting a rope.

I wouldn't know, I just let the ganja do its job 

and lift my spirits as I smoke with the schools snob

everyone knows his name but no one knows his story

bout how his lifes been gorey

his daddy kicked him out 

my daddy's just a drunk, sober from time to time, 

maybe once a month.

I've got this black mascara that runs down my face

and my purple lipgloss smeared 

because I know that I'm a disgrace. 

I make failing grades because I don't even care 

it's not like it used to be, back when I had dark hair

and an open heart

back before times were tough and cheap was smart

girls that felt too stupid to live so they let themselves go before they could really 

give in to the temptation sent down by a more authorative generation 

and we have been sent across the nation to feel the pain that fills the world

we are broken

and numb

with black mascara running down our now pale faces 

we feel faceless

because we're molded to be tasteless and they're the ones that made us

and we can't back down because then they really will shame us 

based on mistakes we made when

the curtains stayed closed. 

we are the smeared purple lipgloss on the face of humanity,

the tears of those who don't see what they want to see 

but all the pain in front of me is just a sea to drown in and 

all I see is my mamma frowning 

because all I can do any more is go down and down and 


and there is no hope for the pale 

and no hope for the tan 

your skin color doesn't matter its the abilities in your hands

we're all fucked up in some little or big way

can't you see what this society has done to break the day and 

make it night all the time

don't you get it?

there is no lime light

there is no fame for the bruised

no justice for the abused and some just find it amusing

because they don't have the black mascara staining their cheeks 

like I do.


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