A plain oak door. A gateway to Heaven

or Hell, lest you veil yourself in shroud.

The sins are great. Devotees of the Seven,

The sinners are better. To the eye they are proud.


Music of Sirens. Dangerous temptation.

Filling your soul with a ghastly song.

Drawn in by passion inflamed by sensation.

Abandoned by goodness. Embraced by the wrong.


Petals of sorrow from roses of guilt

Fall to the rhythm of a torn heart’s beat

Savor the splendor of that which you’ve built

Desperate to save it from Fate’s bloody feet


Dancers enveloped in shimmering gold

Spun at the wheel by Rumpelstiltskin

From strands of dreams that can never be told

or nightmares just begging the chance to begin


Peek through the Looking Glass. Beware the sight.

Alice lays slain by the Cheshire Cat’s smile

Whispers that glisten like blood in the light

Dripping with unholy promise and guile


Deeds long forgotten by Life’s ashen drear

Played into hymn by the dead man’s violin

Laughter escapes like the gospel of fear

Sung by Surrender doused wildly in gin


A mirror of sorts. A reflection of black.

A gala of crimes seen only inside

Vigil forgotten by Regret’s deft attack

Cloaked by the mask do the soulless hide


Melodic strain of shame ridden silence

Crystals that hang like knives overhead

Heavy-hearted chorus of beautiful violence

With voices as sweet and gleaming as dread


The ball is just starting. Come step through the door.

But take good care, lest your veil start to fade

For fear that there will never be more

Surrender yourself to this ugly masquerade


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