Me and My Curtain

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:24 -- Tatz


Who am I ? 

What does it matter to you ?

All you would see is a pretty face and a nice body to boot.

You won't see the scars that are self-inflicted due to insecurities of mine. Because if you did I would blame my cat and say that I am just fine.

You won't see the shame of my promiscuity that I hide behind my smile. I won't admit that I have terrible taste in men yet I still sleep with them all the while.

You won't see the regret that I bear for tearing up the best relationship that I have ever had. Not that he even cares anymore. He's moved on and yes I'm still sad.

You won't see the suicidal thoughts that hide behind my big brown eyes. Life sometimes brings you to that point where you just want to give up and die.


I have learned to let the scars heal and let them build me up and no longer tear me down.

I have learned that my body is mine and not to allow myself to get played by these clowns.

I have learned that love is real and if its meant to be it will be.

I have learned that even when life is hard it can still be beautiful and there are people that love me.


This is who I am and the reasons that I won't show. I am still making mistakes because bad habits are hard to break.

The only curtain that I hide behind is that of my human face.


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