Shattered Facade


Reclusive, Hiding,


When will their underbelly show?


Deception, Preception,


They hide under their facade - fragile as fresh snow.


Lies, Ties,


Was the time they spent with others in vain?


Broken, Shouting,


Their wall of protection has only brought them pain.


Rejection, Depression,


Will their darkness within swallow them whole?


Regretting, Fretting,


The stress has finally taken it's toll.


Waiting, Believing,


The time for the end is nigh?


Resignation, Presentation,


It's time to face their lies.


Hesitation, Expectation,


What will the future hold?


Suprise, Revelation,


The gazes weren't so cold.


Healing, Feeling,


Their inner self is finally free.


Peace, Wisdom,


The only one holding me back... was me. 



This was perfect thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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